Stop Repeating These Silly Mistakes When You Play Rummy Online

Playing rummy online is so amazing that the thrill often takes over your common sense for a ride and many a times, you end up making some silly online rummy mistakes which you otherwise you wouldn’t if you took the time to observe your moves carefully and find out why you didn’t win the seemingly winning game.

So, before you jump the gun once again, let not your excitement overpower your brilliant judgment and take note of these common online rummy mistakes so that you can avoid quite easily and win many more games on Roz Rummy.

Wrong Declaration!

Sounds familiar, eh? We know it sounds ridiculous but it is actually quite funny how we tend to do that sometimes. This absolutely silly online rummy mistake happens when you are too excited or impatient to declare your cards in online rummy games

So, save yourself from this horrific embarrassment and take full use of the time offered by the app to meld your cards properly and make a valid declaration. It would be a shame to lose a winning game because of something silly like this!

Sorting is Must!

No, we are not flying to Hogwarts to get ourselves sorted into one of those houses but sticking to the context, consider this, how seriously Harry and the others took the sorting ceremony, 

You must too if you wish to play online rummy cash games right! Not sorting all your cards in the beginning will only make you confuse those reds and blacks and like it or not, you will most certainly end up making some wrong combinations especially while forming sets. Vision clear toh mission clear!

Do not ignore the Drop button!

We understand the temptation to stick to the very end, however, sometimes due to this motivation, we ignore tend to the red flags and make some costly moves. The point is, not every game can be a winning game for you, a hard fact but worth admitting for your own good.

So, when the cards do not fall in your favour and it takes longer than three moves to make a pure sequence or you are forced to shuffle your cards on every single turn to make your pure sequence, consider hitting the drop button without second thoughts. There’s a reason that rescue button’s there, to help you save points and also your precious money!

Play, Revise, Repeat

Another temptation you can easily fall for when you play online rummy games for cash is the urgency to jump to higher stakes. We know the winnings get bigger when you play high stakes cash games, however, to make that happen, you need to strike the desired win rate in your current stage. 

Only when you see you can pull of at least 75% win rate in the current stakes, consider taking it up a notch. Even then, do not make big jumps if you want do not wish to experience big falls, no pun intended! Keep calm and take it one game at a time. Having said that, keep an eye for RozRummy’s rare opportunities and special tournaments that allow you to multiply your tiny buy-ins up to 100x!

Keep Your Enemies Close

The most common online rummy mistakes of all committed especially by beginners is that too often, you tend to get embroiled in your own game and forget to keep up with your opponents. A mistake that could cost you heavily especially when you are playing cash games and tournaments. 

As important is to focus on your own cards, you got to be alert as to what cards are picked and thrown away by your opponents. An important detail that you should never ignore when you play some serious online rummy. It may cause unwanted accidents by gifting away cards that can help your opponents hijack your winning game.

Steer yourself miles away from these rookie online rummy mistakes and you might just spike your win rate in no time!

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