What Type of Online Rummy Player Are You?

We all carry some distinct traits and attributes as individuals and as a fervent admirer of online card games like rummy, players are bound to display a set of interesting and diverse traits that distinguish them from one another as a player. If you are curious to know which type of player you really are, browse through this diverse online rummy player community to figure out where you fit in and maybe make few changes to place yourself among the best kind.

Distinct Rummy Player Personality Types

It is common to find a varied range of players in online games and rummy is no exception to this trend. Players bring their own distinct styles of play and this is what helps us categorize them into certain types. Profiling them also helps you target your opponent’s game, play them better and beat the odds.

Let’s explore some of the most prevalent type of players in online rummy games today.

The Novice

The novice kind probably consists the largest pool of players in online rummy as more online gamers continue to be attracted to try the game and play rummy online, some carrying serious interest while others just trying to kill time for recreation. Such players can be typically found in free entry tournaments of online rummy games or practice games.

The Wild One

This type of players are also pretty popular in their own right. They love the thrill of playing rummy online and you will find them both on the cash tables and micro/low stakes tournaments. This kind loves to make bold moves and showcase random aggression whenever they play rummy online. They aren’t quite serious about the game but simply play for thrill’s sake and making money!

The Cunning One

In online rummy cash games, the cunning kind are one of the smartest lot you can find when you play rummy online. Such players are very alert and like to keep a strict check on their opponent’s game by checking their moves and keeping a tab of the thrown cards on the discard section. They are very aware of their opponent’s game at all times. Some even like to initiate conversations in the chat window to collect hints from fellow players at the table.

The Cheater

Well, and then we have the quintessential player, the cheater. The reality is in every type of card game, you will find a cheater who doesn’t like to wreck brains but always look for shortcuts to win the game. The truth is you can never cheat in online rummy games, it is indeed, impossible. The wise move would be to simply play by the rules and gain experience to enjoy steady wins.

Now that you know what kind of players you are up against and maybe even figured out where you fit in, let’s move ahead because it’s play time on Roz Rummy.

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