How To Calculate Your Score in 13 Card Online Rummy Game

Are you someone who knows the ins and outs of 13 card online rummy games? Are you someone who can send your opponents on a run for their money but fall short when it comes to figuring out your scores? Well, you have landed on the perfect webpage.

Today we’ll be discussing about how scoring takes place on RozRummy, India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site. Let’s dive right in!

  • As per 13 card online rummy game rules, J, Q, K, and A of any suit carry 10 points each. So try not to hold on to the high value cards unless you are drawing to a set or sequence. 
  • All numbered cards carry the same points as their number. An 8 of any suit carries 8 points and 4 of any suit carries 4 points.
  • Both printed and wild jokers carry zero points. 
  • Once the game has ended, the losing player’s score is calculated as per the cards he/she is holding. When you play 13 card rummy games online , the total are added as per the bet size of the table and the amount he/she lost is credited to the winner’s account.
    However, all the points are counted if the losing player haven’t built a pure sequence. If he/she has built a pure sequence, the rest of the cards are taken into consideration. 
  • In 13 card rummy games online, the maximum points a player can lose is 80. 
  • In case a player does a ‘no show’ until three consecutive turns, it will be counted as a middle drop. He/she will be facing the grunt of not showing up and will be losing 40 points. 
  • A player is declared a winner when they make a valid declaration with 0 points in his/her kitty in 13 card online rummy games. 

Knowing the nitty-gritties of the 13 card rummy game scoring system can help you become an invincible opponent at the rummy tables when tied with your skills and knowledge.

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Here’s a helpful link on how to play 13 card online rummy card game tournaments: Master Guide on High Value Online Tournaments.

You’ve got the game all cleared. It’s time to hit the rummy tables right away!

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