Online Rummy Tips: How to Ace With and Without Jokers

Playing with jokers can be a little tricky in online rummy. If the rummy gods are being good to you, you need to make them proud by using those jokers the correct way and make it till the finish line even without them! The world of online rummy for real money can get overwhelming at times, so we are here to make all our players the best of them all!

Getting too many or too less jokers in your hand can be a tricky situation in rummy games. Today, we are going to discuss some advanced online rummy strategy and tips that can be your rocket fuel for your winnings even at times when the joker couldn’t make it in time!

Let’s dive into some out of the box online rummy tips on how to be a badass rummy player with or without your favorite trump card.

Playing Smart Without Jokers:

  • Keep a Closer Tab on Your Opponents.

Now, that we don’t have any jokers on our side, we need to be building our hand cautiously. Observe more closely what cards are picked and/or discarded by your opponents. We know this online rummy strategy tip has been repeated over and over again but we tend to forget it once the game begins.

  • Make it a Habit to Pick Cards from the Closed Deck

This is one of those online rummy tips that goes both ways, whether you have jokers or not. If you have the habit of picking only from the closed deck then you are giving away the least number of tells to your opponent. However, feel free to pick a card from the discard pile only when you are closer to your objective.

Rummy Tips
  • Keep Counting Your Points

It’s better to drop the game if you have hit a muck, a gutter hand that can’t be redeemed. In such a scenario, it’s better to drop out and lose with lesser points. Another tip for you, when you are counting your points is to keep discarding high value cards, especially when you are out of luck with jokers.

  • Make Sets of Maximum Cards

Another crucial move you can add to your online rummy strategy is to make sets with maximum number of cards. By using these online rummy tips, you could potentially not give away any tells to your opponents that can be helpful to buy you some time when you have no jokers on your side.

Playing Smart With Jokers:

  • Pure Sequence should be the First Job to Knock Off the Table

All the blogs on how to play online rummy and its rules have established the fact that a Pure Sequence should be your top priority. Without that, your hand will be declared invalid. So, instead of fixating on jokers, focus on building a pure sequence first.

  • Put Aside the Jokers

Stressing on the point above, when you play online rummy, pure life aka pure sequence is the priority. So without any hold-up, group your jokers and simply forget about them. Do not look at them before melding your pure sequence. It’s a golden rummy tip that can put you way ahead in the game.

  • Get Away with the Cards Closer to Your Wild Jokers

You won’t find rummy tricks like these anywhere else. Discard cards near to your joker, this will help you use your jokers for the role they carry and not be a part of a pure sequence.

For example: you have 5c as a joker and 7c and 6c also. Discarding these cards will never help your opponents because they will not use their jokers to meld a pure sequence.

  • Too Many Jokers Spoil the Game

They say, too many cooks spoil the broth. In online rummy, celebrating the fact that you have more than one joker won’t take you anywhere. This is one of the common rummy mistakes players new to the sport make and you don’t want to remain in the newbie category, right?

  • Wild Jokers can be Used in Two Different Ways

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Before we start, note that the online rummy strategy we are going to discuss should be used ONLY when you think you have hit an irredeemable hand. Since the thumb rule of online rummy is to meld a pure sequence first, use your wild joker for the value it carries.

For example: You have a 8h as a wild joker and 7h – 9h, while the rest of the hand seems hard to redeem. Use that 7c for the value it carries. This will help you in decreasing your points and simultaneously cushion your fall to defeat.

Rummy has been one of the most loved card games in our country for decades which is why online rummy in India is growing in leaps and bounds today. Join in with your newly acquired knowledge of how to play online rummy without jokers only on India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Site in India, RozRummy!

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