Online or Offline, Rummy is a Winner!

The battle is real!

Card games have always been an integral part of any get-together. People love to play these games no matter where they are; clubs, workplaces, commutes or cozy corners at home – card games rock! What makes card games, especially rummy, so gripping? Is it just the entertainment quotient? Or, the fact that it tests your cognitive abilities in myriad ways! Well, has to be a combination of both. 

Rummy was always a game to be played with friends and family to begin with, but with time, it evolved into tournaments where one could win grand prizes. 

That was the beginning of a pathbreaking change that gave us today’s digital rummy, as the tech-savvy version of the traditional game. The core of the game remains unchanged, but offline and online rummy act as two sides of the same coin. For a rummy-lover, it is always going to be hard to pick one. Both versions have their perks and shortcomings. 

Hence, we decided to curate a checklist of yes ‘n’ nos before we picked a side. And the rest, of course, is up to you to decide!

Yes & nos for a game of rummy

For starters, when playing in the traditional format, or offline as we all know, rummy requires a deck of cards and a bunch of friends, and, of course, a comfortable ambience, to start off with. On the other hand, if you choose to play online on a platform like RozRummy, all you need is a smartphone and a good internet connection!

Playing rummy online can help you reap monetary benefits. India’s most rewarding website, RozRummy is known for its lucrative offers for pros and novices alike. Chances of finding such options offline are quite thin.  

Live or offline rummy comes with limited choices in terms of variants of the game. While online platforms bring an array of choices to pick from; you can easily shuffle between multiple variants without disturbing the status quo.  

Bluffs and quirky tricks are part of card games, we agree; but, for some, who believe in the art of pure technique, online rummy is bliss! Laugh, cry, roll your eyes over or bite your nails – no one’s gonna be able to spot the Achilles heel. 

Well, the argument can go on, but we have to agree that rummy is an amazing game that makes you think, observe, decide and enjoy all at the same time. 

Hence, we can say, whether you play online or offline, rummy grows on you. And, with a website like RozRummy, loaded with top-notch features, in your stride, either you win or become better each time you play!

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