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Level Up Your Game This Lockdown with These Online Rummy Strategy Tips

First things first, let’s learn how to play 13 card rummy like a pro.

Here are some online rummy strategy tips for you to ace at the tables and give your opponents run for their money:

  1. Reverse the Strategy of Discarding High Value Cards

This smart online rummy strategy could come handy at the rummy tables if you play online rummy against experienced players. It is usually advised that in order to decrease your points, a rummy player should discard high value cards such as face cards like Kings and Queens.

However, if you have a King and Jack, you can wait for two moves for your opponents to discard that queen for you. It wouldn’t be a nice idea to keep waiting for more than two rounds though.

  1. Discard Cards Near to Your Wild Joker

This is one of the most crucial online rummy tips very few people would tell you. Any smart player wouldn’t want to waste their wild joker to make a pure sequence. So, a wiser online rummy strategy would be to discard cards of near value to your wild joker, unless you can use those cards in other sets or sequences.

  1. Throw a Bait to Catch the Weaklings

This should be your second major move in your list of online rummy strategies right after building your pure sequence. Be observant as you discard your cards. See which one of those you discard have been picked by your opponents.

For example, if you discard a Queen of spades and your opponent picks it, you might not want to discard cards closer to it (such as a ten of spades).

  1. Don’t Miss Another Advantage of Numbered Cards

We all know face cards put us at a huge risk of ending up with the highest points on the rummy table. However, what we miss out on is that these face cards do come with many permutations and combinations. It’s the numbered cards which can be put in different sets and sequences.

  1. The Discard Pile Gives Out all the Tells on Your Opponent

Right after you are done with your pure sequence, a great online rummy strategy would be to make decisions based on what you see in the discard pile. Keep an eye on what your opponents are picking and discarding. It’s an open book to victory more than half of the rummy regulars overlook as they are so immersed into building their melds.

See you at the tables.

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