How to Play Online Rummy Like a Pro!

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Pocket money badhao, 13 card rummy game table par aao! Don’t know how to play 13 card rummy game? That’s not an issue.

Add some grams to your wallet with some advanced 13 card rummy game strategy.

1. Keep a close eye on discarded cards

All the blogs on 13 card rummy game strategy says that you should observe what are the cards your opponents are discarding. However, no one embarks on the idea of using those observances for good. Let’s take an example: Your opponent discards a Jh (hearts), this means you can discard cards closer to the cards he/she is disposing such as Qh or 10h. Be a smart player and bank on all your observances!

2. Face cards are not that of a big news

Although all players try to dispose of face cards because they carry 10 points each, there is a silver lining attached to that 13 card game strategy. If you’re drawing towards a sequence, wait for your opponent to discard the missing one onto the discard pile.

For example: You are holding a Kc (clubs) and a Jc, you can wait for at least two turns for your opponent to discard the awaited Qc. Use this 13 card online rummy game tip and you’ll start enjoying your time at the rummy tables!

3. Do the opposite of colour co-ordination

This is a 13 card rummy tip which we’re sharing after messing up royally in a game. Set different suited cards together. This makes all the cards stand out and doesn’t make you overlook any of them.

The fast-paced 13 card online game asks you to make decision in split of a second. So joining the anti-colour co-ordination gang will bring you huge rewards.

4. Duplicate cards are a blessing in disguise

Getting duplicate cards can be good for clever gameplay. This online 13 card game tip is a step ahead from the second pointer we discussed above.

For example: You are holding 6h (heart), 6h, and 8h. You just need 7h to hit a pure sequence.

In this situation, if you discard 6h, you will mislead your opponent into discarding a 7h or a 9h without any worries. A smart move to add in your 13 card rummy game strategy.

5. Bonus 13 card rummy game tip: 2nd sequence can be built with a joker!

This is part of the 13 card online rummy rule. Most players who play online rummy card games believe that the second sequence in 13 card rummy should be without a joker. This is entirely untrue. As per the 13 card online rummy rules, the first mandatory sequence shouldn’t include a joker. So make sure you don’t stress yourself on building a pure sequence.

The rummy tables are waiting for you to conquer with your new skills for 13 card online rummy game. Ready to claim your kingdom?

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