How to Play A Weak Hand in Online Rummy

Facing a bad day at the rummy tables? Are your cards not helping you win that massive amount of real cash? Do you think that your cards cannot resurrect you from a major downswing in online rummy? You are at mistake if you think so.

 Here’s how you can avoid a major downswing on your favourite online rummy app, RozRummy:

Get rid of the high-cards :

In Points Rummy, the main aim is to reduce the points to zero in order to win a game. If you think your hand deserves to go in the gutter, it’s better to let go of the high-cards because they carry a high value. Try building melds with cards that carry less value in this situation.

Low-cards can be of great advantage

While high-value cards can be dangerous if not used in a set or a sequence, low-cards will still not put a huge dent in your winnings even while sitting idle as compared to the high value cards. 

The aim of the game is to meld at least one pure sequence and one pure/impure sequence among a total of four sets and sequences. So it doesn’t really matter whether you meld with high or low-value cards. However, it will be a smart move to get rid of the high-value cards if you hit a gutter hand.

Do not stress over the jokers

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Usually, regular rummy players try not to waste their joker in a pure sequence or a set. However, if you think you don’t have even a decent hand, do not think twice before using your joker for the value they carry.  

For example: 

You have 4h-5h-7h and a 6 of hearts as a joker. Go ahead and use it to make your pure sequence.

Note: We are referring to wild jokers in the section discussed above.

Try keeping the mid-value cards

It’s a common strategy in online rummy that players tend to discard high-value cards in order to decrease the gravity of their defeat. So if you have a suited pair of tens and a jack, you can wait for your opponent(s) to discard the queen and the king of the same suit. 

Drop the game

Drop a game if you have the worst hand possible. The reason behind this decision is that it’s better to drop the game instead of losing a big chunk of your winnings. It’s a smart move in the long run.

Rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Revive your position in the game like a pro even after hitting a bad hand with such a strategy. You should also know that your opponent might meld before you, so work against time. Try to be ahead in the game. 

A weak hand calls for smart gameplay. Consider yourself a rummy pro If you manage to come out of such a situation.

Here are a few points to remember if you’re looking to learn how to play online rummy:

1. Build a pure sequence: A sequence is a group of three or more cards with a consecutive value of the same suit. 

2. Build a pure or impure sequence: The second step is to build another sequence. It can be pure or impure. An impure sequence is one that uses a joker. 

3. Make sets or sequences: Apart from the two sequences, the remaining two group of cards can be melded into sets or sequences. A set is a group of three or more cards of the same rank but unsuited. 

Smart strategies to follow if you hit a gutter hand:

1.Do not try to retain certain cards: For example, you are holding 5s, 6s and 8s, spare only two rounds in anticipation of a 7 of spades. After the second round, try to meld the same cards in different sets or sequences.

2.Strategise keeping in mind the value of the cards: High ranking cards if not melded in a group can cause a huge dent to your winnings. So try to discard high-value cards if you have a weak hand.

3.Printed jokers play a crucial role: Since the first criterion to fulfil for a valid hand is to build a pure sequence, you should use a printed joker for the value it carries.   

See you at the tables.

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