How to play 13 cards and 21 cards rummy game?

Playing card games have acted as a social-adhesive in the past and are still an integral way of socializing in India. Middle-aged females and males usually indulge in such gamesduring festivals such as Diwali and Holi. Rummy- an extremely popular skill-based card game is probably one top names on this list. The origin of the game is a tad-bit vague as it has variations such as Shanghai Rummy, Goa Rummy and many more.

13 Cards Format
Under this format 2-6 players play on a table, each being dealt 13 cards. A player has to meld or group the cards into valid sequences and sets by picking from the pile and discarding from the 13 cards set. This variation allows the use of joker cards. These can be used as substitutes of any card just like wild- cards in other card games.

The sequence and sets can be classified into categories namely, pure sequence, impure sequence, pure set, and impure set. For example, h2-h3-h4 is a pure sequence however s6-s7-s8-Joker is an impure sequence. Example of a pure set is s9-c9-d9-h9 is a pure set while s9-c9-d9-Joker is an impure set. So, the main aim is to simply meld the cards and reduce the points to zero. These points carry negative value.

21 Cards Format
This format is said to be much more popular in India played around the major festivals. Unlike other formats, this game format requires 3 decks of cards and each player gets 21 cards. A player has to form at least 3 pure runs and meld the remaining into proper sets or sequences.

Furthermore, apart from the joker, this variation uses value cards which carry additional points. These points are issued according to the time at which a player is through a session. So, a drop in the beginning results in a 30 points penalty, without adding the value card points. A drop in the middle of the game consequently takes away 75 points as a penalty but includes value card points.

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