Kill Time and Win Real Money with 13 Card Rummy Games Only on RozRummy

Online games are proving to be a great pastime to break the unending boredom for everyone during these difficult times. The finish line might seem far away, but we can try and keep our spirits up by acquiring new skills, bonding over coffee or chai with our families and learning how to play new games.

What RozRummy offers is our good old 13 card online rummy games which is making our players’ lives a bit easier. Since we have all the time in the world to sit back, why not learn how to play 13 card rummy games online in India and win real money!

Before starting with the basic rules of 13 rummy game online, let us introduce you to the terminology of the game.

Terminology of 13 Card Rummy Game:

Rummy Terminology

A Sequence – A sequence is a group of 3 or more cards of the same suit arranged in a consecutive order.

A Pure Sequence – Any sequence without a joker becomes a pure sequence. Note – if a wild card joker sits in a proper sequence of the same suit, it will be a pure sequence.

An Impure Sequence – A sequence with one or more Joker card is called an Impure sequence.

A Set – A set is a group of 3 or 4 cards of different suits but of the same value or rank. One can use any kind of joker (wild or printed) to replace any card in the set.

Basic 13 Card Online Rummy Rules:

  • In a 13 card rummy game, each player is dealt 13 cards and a random card is selected as a wild joker or joker card of the game.
  • The 13 cards need to be arranged in sets and sequences, otherwise called a meld. 
  • In every turn, a player must pick from the draw pile or the top most card from the discard pile. 
  • On rearranging the cards, a player must then discard one into the draw pile. At the end of a turn, one can only have 13 cards. 
  • To win a 13 card rummy game, one must have a pure sequence (without a joker) and the remaining cards in valid sets and sequences. 
  • As per the Indian 13 card Rummy Rules, the player who declares his/her hand first after melding all 13 cards in valid sets and sequences is the winner!

Now that you have learned how to play 13 card rummy games online, here’s some strategy tips for you to start your Rummy journey like a pro

 1. Keep a Close Eye on Discarded Cards

For Example: Your opponent discards a Jh (hearts), this means you can discard cards closer to the cards he/she is disposing such as Qh or 10h. Be a smart player and bank on all your observances!

2. Face Cards are not That of a Big News

For Example: You are holding a Kc (clubs) and a Jc, you can wait for at least two turns for your opponent to discard the awaited Qc. Use this 13 card online rummy game tip and you’ll start enjoying your time at the rummy tables!

3. Duplicate Cards are a Blessing in Disguise

For Example: You are holding 6h (heart), 6h, and 8h. You just need 7h to hit a pure sequence.

In this situation, if you discard 6h, you will mislead your opponent into discarding a 7h or a 9h without any worries. A smart move to add in your 13 card game strategy.

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