How Should You Shift to Real Money Rummy Games?

Free rummy games are damn fun but are you planning to make the switch to cash rummy games any time soon? Are you worried you are going to lose money if you play with real money?

While some of you might be worried if your skills are enough to beat the pros or if you are going to get good returns or any other worries regarding the game itself, we will wash them all away in this blog.

Are you aware of the following?

This blog is for everyone who wants to press the button on cash rummy games and promote themselves to the level of a professional. Soon, we are going to tell you the best way forward with the following questions.

Do You Know the Features & Formats of Cash Games?

It is mandatory that any player who is used to the free genre of online rummy games must acquaint themselves with the format of cash rummy games and tournaments. While real money rummy games at the cash tables emulate the same features of practice games on the Roz Rummy app, things vary a lot in tournaments.

Tournaments are of different kinds and formats, so you need to explore and understand them and play them individually to know which format suits their skill and style. On Roz Rummy, you can play tourneys of different formats such as Free Entry, Knockout, Depositor’s Freeroll and Reward Points tournament.

All these tournaments feature different entry fees, winning criteria and change of gameplay wherever necessary. You have to study them all when you decide to play real money rummy games online rummy sites.

Have You Mastered the Free Games on Roz Rummy?

Free online rummy games are there for a reason. If you wish to make an error free switch to real money rummy games, you must conquer the free zone. If your prefer to glide to the cash tables, practice games should be your jam and if you intend to compete with the pros, free entry tournaments are your blessings in disguise. 

Free entry tournaments are the perfect stepping stone because they allow beginners in online rummy games to familiarize themselves with the competition, game format and style and various situations and conditions in rummy tournaments that players must face en-route the road to victory.

Players who perform well are placed in leaderboards and receive Real Chip Bonus (RCB) in these tourneys as per their standings. What’s more? They are free to use the RCB winnings to sit on the cash tables and win real money without spending a dime from their own pockets!

Are You Using The Right Promotions?

If you want to make profit in real money online rummy games, you got to take advantage of the right promotions that can boost your chances of winning real money in cash rummy games and tournaments. 

RozRummy adores its players and we prefer that you retire to bed with a happy heart. Be it cash rummy games or tournaments, we have promotions that shall tweak all real money rummy games so that you never return empty headed from the tables.

This month, if you hit the cash tables, you will earn Double Reward Points during Happy Hours and fast track your run to unlocking those mega prizes! The Loyalty Rewards program have added some fresh gifts such as One Plus 8 and Play Station 5 in its collection, so keep hitting the cash tables and grab them for free!

If you are looking to enter the tourney zone of online rummy cash games, we have promotions and exciting deposit codes that can help you double your money and play tournaments for the cheapest buy-ins. Check our monthly promotions page to stay tuned with the latest.

Last but not the least, you will also get bonus up to 3000 on your first deposit. So, make your first deposit and double up your earnings for free!

Once you believe you have done your due research on all three pointers above, feel free to take the plunge and notch up the fever by joining the cash tables today. See you soon!

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